Terms and Conditions

Confirmation of the booking will be provided by Devon Safaris (more usually immediately by email).

Booking Payment will be made through Bookeo.

Changes to Your Booking

Should you wish to alter your booking at any time, Devon Safaris will try to make the necessary changes but cannot guarantee to do so.

Non-Arrival / Delayed Arrival

We ask that you turn up 15 minutes before the start of your booked safari (if you are delayed please call 01803362453).

Delays beyond the published booking time may result in the booking being cancelled by Devon Safaris at their absolute discretion. In any such event the full amount of the booking fee may be forfeited. Any client who fails to arrive for any reason whatsoever, without having notified Devon Safaris will automatically forfeit all fees due. No liabilities whatsoever shall be attached to Devon Safaris.


Devon Safaris e-Bike and 4×4 safaris are not recommended for clients with severe mobility issues, pregnant women, people with a history of back, spine or cardiovascular conditions or injuries. Clients with a pre-existing medical condition should check with their GP before embarking and must advise Devon Safaris of any such condition when booking.

Medical Notification

It is the client’s responsibility to advise Devon Safaris of any medical information which may affect your/their ability to take part in the booked activity, irrespective of how minor the condition.

Safety Information

All clients are required to pay attention to the safety induction given at the start of each safari.

Personal Effects / Valuables  

You are solely responsible for your personal belongings whilst travelling with us. Any valuables taken on safaris are done so at entirely at your own risk and Devon Safaris accepts no responsibility for them whatsoever. Particular care should be taken with mobile phones, camera equipment and other valuables; suitable precautions to avoid them getting damaged should be taken if you choose to take them on the activity.

Indemnity Forms

Client’s indemnity forms must be signed prior to all safaris to ensure all clients understand our terms & conditions, insurance, and health & safety policies.

Drugs and Alcohol

Any client may be refused to take part in a Devon Safaris activity if they appear to be intoxicated through drink or drugs and pose a risk to themselves or other clients.

Unacceptable Behaviour / Failure to Follow Safety Instructions

Devon Safaris reserves the right to terminate your booking at any time if the behaviour of any of your party is unacceptable or fails to follow the instructions of the Team Leaders. All clients must accept all instructions and decisions given to them by the Team Leaders at all times whilst on safari, for the duration of the booking. If for whatever reason a client does not accept an order from the Team Leader whether the client considers it to be reasonable or not the Team Leader shall take any action they consider fit for the wellbeing of the equipment and the rest of the clients on the activity. If the client is left at the nearest suitable area, no liability whatsoever shall attach to Devon Safaris. Neither shall the client have any redress for any expense or unused portion or the fee against the leader or Devon Safaris as a result of any actions taken by the Team Leader in securing the health and safety of the other client(s).


Safari Time 

Every effort will be made to give clients maximum ride time. However, if in the Team Leader’s opinion on weather conditions, safety or other considerations renders it imprudent to the activity, the Team Leader’s decision is final.


In the event of severe weather being forecast for the duration of the proposed booking an alternative date can be re-scheduled subject to availability.


  1. By the Client – must be in writing or verbally then confirmed in writing at least 48 hours before the booking time. Cancellation charges will become effective. If cancellation is made less than 48 hours before the selected safari start time, then a 10% fee will be applied. If the cancellation is made less than 2 hours before the selected safari start time no refund will be given.
  2. By Devon Safaris: If for any reason if Devon Safaris is unable to fulfil a booking Devon Safaris will immediately inform the client. No liability shall attach itself to Devon Safaris beyond the refund of the full fee paid by the client(s) or unused portion thereof. In the event of foul weather, clients will be offered alternative dates. Devon Safaris reserves the right to cancel any booking at their discretion. In such event, Devon Safaris will give reasonable notice to the client and will refund the full amount of fees paid. In no event shall Devon Safaris be liable for any indirect or consequential damages how so ever arising.

The Team Leader may cancel an activity at any time prior to or during an activity. In this case the client will be entitled to one of the following:

  1. A place on a later safari within 12 months.
  2. A place on a different safari within 12 months with any difference in value being refunded.
  3. A full refund.

The Team Leader will need to:

  1. Inform the emergency land contact of the decision for this and subsequent activities that day.
  2. Inform the clients of their options.


No liability is accepted for clients whilst on Devon Safaris premises or property, other than in respect of death or personal injury caused directly by the negligence of Devon Safaris. All clients take part in the booking at their own risk.

Breakages or Damages 

Clients shall be liable for any loss/damage to such property occasioned by them by any wilful or negligent act.


Devon Safaris may take images or video footage of your trip. These photographs and moving images can be used by us for advertisements, marketing, leaflets, and publicity purposes. If you would prefer that we did not photograph or film you, please let us know.

Privacy /Security Statement 

Devon Safaris respects your privacy. Please bear in mind that any personal information that you submit through forms, letters/emails and similar is not encrypted and therefore may be seen or collected by others. Any such information is sent at your own risk and you should therefore carefully consider its sensitivity before transmitting it.

If you have any concerns, questions, or comments please contact us.