About The Haibike Hardseven 2.5

Yamaha PW-ST System Motor

Delivers assist, optimized for all conditions, up to 15mph

Whether you’re a newcomer to the sport, a veteran rider, or prefer on/off-road, the PWseries ST delivers fun, comfortable assistance for all riders.

Automatic Support Mode for all-round Sports and Trail

It’s no simple feat to shift gears, adjust seat height, and change ride modes at roughly the same time. The Automatic Support Mode selects the right amount of assist based on riding conditions. Whether you’re starting from a stop, accelerating, braking, riding on a level surface, or climbing a hill, you can leave ride mode changes to the system and focus on shifting and braking.

Examples of “Automatic Support Mode”application

Natural and Powerful Assist Feeling

A powerful ride is the best thing about eMTBs, but a lack of control would leave you prone to wheelies during climbs and spinning tyres on poor surfaces. The Yamaha tuning for the PWseries ST allows the drive unit software to handle power control. By combining power with stable control, this technology makes it easier for the rider to start with peace of mind, even from half way up the steepest of hills.